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Stop Feeding Your Pet “Fast Food”Golden Retriever and kitten darwin's natural pet food

How would you feel if, day in and day out, you ate nothing but processed nuggets?
Now, think about your pet’s diet.

Dry and canned pet foods may sound healthy but are actually designed for the pet owner’s convenience and maximum shelf life instead of nutrition for their pet.

Whether you feed your pet from a bag or can, these heavily-processed foods share similar shortcomings:

  • Cooking and high pressure processing destroys most of the vital enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients.
  • Only a small percentage of the lost nutrients are replaced by synthetic additives but even these are not easily absorbed by your pet.
  • Cheap ingredients including grains and fillers add calories but are actually difficult for pets to digest.
  • Protein levels can look good on the label but can also come from difficult to digest sources.
  • Heavily-processed pet foods contain preservatives for long-term storage in warehouses and retail stores. Preservatives not only depletes micronutrients but have been connected with many common allergies – such as yeast on the skin, paws and in the ears.

Start Feeding Your Pet “Real Food”

No preservatives. No high-pressure processing.
No synthetic additives. No hormones. No antibiotics.
No grains, no fillers.

We know that your pet’s digestive system is designed for whole foods with nutrients in their natural form. Darwin’s raw meals are created to compliment your pet’s nutritional needs.

See the Difference Raw Pet Food Can Make

Many customers tell us they see dramatic changes in their pets after switching to Darwin’s:

  • More energy and increased vitality
  • Relief from common skin problems, especially those caused by food intolerances
  • A shiny and healthy coat
  • A sharp decrease in common diseases and conditions like arthritis and diabetes
  • Improved digestion, fresher breath and smaller and almost odorless poops
  • Extended life and improved quality of life

See the Difference Raw Food Makes

Good Nutrition is Important for Pets Too

Darwin’s uses only high quality meats and vegetables in our dog and cat food; we never use fillers. The protein in our meals comes from real meat, not from grains, soy, or “meat by-products”. Our meals are a single meat type each; 100% meat for cats and 75% meat with 25% vegetables for dogs. This single meat source formula is designed to allow you to easily adjust meals if your pet is allergic to a particular meat. Our pet food is minimally processed to maintain the most nutrients possible and immediately frozen to preserve freshness.

Learn about our High Quality Ingredients

The Ancestral Side of Raw Food and Why It’s Important

The concept of the ancestral diet for dogs and cats stems from the fact that dogs and cats have evolved successfully through hunting and scavenging – consuming foods that were high in protein and low in carbohydrates and not at all like the kibble so many are fed today.

Recent nutritional science increasingly supports an ancestral diet—high protein, balanced fats, and at least some fresh foods—as the healthiest approach to feeding most dogs. There is no way of knowing for sure exactly what constituted the diet of the ancestors of the modern, domesticated, dog and cat, but we can estimate that it consisted of about 85 to 90% meat (primarily from whole prey) along with small amounts of fish, eggs, scavenged grasses, berries, nuts and other vegetation.

This low carb high protein diet has almost 50% of the calories coming from protein, 44% from fat, and only 6% from carbohydrate. This protein level exceeds all but a few dry on the market. Darwin’s raw food profile closely mirrors the foods our pets’ ancestors found in nature, making it the best way to feed your pet.

We were vendors at the Barkapalooza event this Sunday.  Great Show!  Lots of new subscribers!

LISLE, Ill. (WLS) — The 23rd Annual Barkapalooza Dog Walkathon and Expo is coming on September 25, 2016 at Lisle Community Park. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., people and their pets will enjoy food, fun, music, and receive a free goody bag for participating in the walk. Adult registration for the walk is $20, while children 12 and under may walk for free. The money raised benefits the West Suburban Humane Society (, which helps find families for homeless dogs and cats.


post-with-pula-and-little-girlWe had fun time at the Chicago Pet Show this past weekend.  Our booth got a lot of visitors, many who were attracted by our little dog, Pula, who sits prominently on our front table begging for attention from passers by.   The Tribune had a photographer who spent quite a bit of time recording our stories and missions, but unfortunately, the story that was printed did not include any of it.  If you click this link and then click the large picture, you can scroll through the 6 pictures by the buttons in the upper right corner and see our little Pula being held by a little girl.


This weekend is one of three Chicago Pet Shows. We will have a booth at the Libertyville show this weekend!  Come on by and say Hello!

Chicago Pet Show 


Rescues always need help and the Chicago Pet Show is the place for you to find forever homes, new fosters, volunteers, and get the word out about what your group . Invite past adopters to come in and see you and catch up on the progress of their new pet.

Boutiques and online pet supply companies The Chicago Pet Show is here to help you meet people face to face, offer discount coupons, bring new products to sell and have flyers that show what you can offer .

Manufacturers and Retailers: Sometimes you need to get to the end user. and let them know about your products or services. The best way to promote your product is through education and demos and the Chicago Pet Show offers you just that.


We’ve been doing consumer family friendly events for over 35 years and bring rescue groups and vendors to pet lovers. This is the place to show new items and services to help take care of the pet community. The Chicago Pet Show introduces veterinary, grooming, specialty shops as well as some of the pet food manufacturers.

We encourage rescues to “spread the word” throughout their groups. 50% of each adult ticket purchase goes back to the rescue on their coupon. Demos, presentations, seminars, discussions for attendees are designed to create a pet community of awareness and to help everyone become aware of what sort of wonderful things are out there for their pets.


We’ve seen with our own eyes what rescues do the work to get things done and they are in constant need of volunteers, fosters and just organizing people. Rescues want to find the forever home where these pets will never have to endure the pain of being abandoned or abused again.


Whether you are looking for a forever friend, just want to take a peek at the world of pets, or looking for ways of improving the lives of your pet family the Chicago Pet Show is where to be.

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We have also repackaged our Frozen Product for more efficient shipping. Now it comes in packs of 2 containers, so you get more bang for your buck!

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